Thursday, June 14, 2012


I drink one cup of coffee a day. That is what I tell every one any way. The thing is my cup never runs dry, I just keep refilling it before it gets empty. Should I count my calories from the first time I take a drink or just the first cup?

There is a thing called "daily calorie intake" and "food calorie intake." When a person wants to know all of the calories that they have consumed during the day; they write down their calories and take an analysis of the daily calorie intake. When one takes note of how many calories are in a certain food or drink considering the portion size is right they do a food calorie intake. One can drink a cup of coffee and mark down how many calories was in that one cup. When one keeps on refilling that cup all day long even before it gets empty they might not know how many calories of coffee they have drank up. It might particularly become difficult to mark down calories when not using a measuring cup and getting different increments of coffee every chance you have. This could become easier though just by using the measuring cup and marking down each addition to the cup after adding it.

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