Friday, July 13, 2012


Dunkin Donuts is a favorite place to stop at for men, kids, and women alike. They have some great tasting coffees and wonderful tasting donuts. They especially are famous for how quick you can stop in and get them. For they are certainly “on the go.” They have a couple new drinks out for the summer which have a very cool to the touch taste and feel. They have several different frozen coffee drinks including the Oreo Coolatta Coffee.

     What really is in the plain frozen coffee drink. How nutritious is it? Would it hurt if I drank it? Does it really have real coffee in it? Well, once again I have done the research and here is what you need to know.

    While researching I found it especially helpful that, unlike McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts has its own buttons on its website where you could easily switch the size of the drink to see the different nutritional details for each unique size. The small has 460 calories. The medium has 660 calories and the Large has 860 calories. I am a fan of portion control, but let’s imagine a woman between the age of 31-50 year old drinks 2 large Frozen Coffee drinks a day. That person would have taken in 1,720 calories out of a 1,800 calorie diet. That means that there would just be enough calories left for one nice and sweet golden delicious apple. Let’s now imagine a 31-50 year old male drinks 2 Larges in one day they would have drank 1720 calories of their 2400 (these are what is recommended using the USDA guidelines). They would just have enough calories left for a glass of milk and a nice salad for the whole day.

     According to the small nutritional facts the small has 240 out of the 460 calories out of fat, 90 mg of cholesterol, and 47 g of sugar. Though all of this is true, it has 3 g of protein, 15% of Vitamin A, 2% of vitamin C, and 0 grams of dietary fiber.

What is in it?

·        Frozen Coffee Coolatta Base

·        Light Cream

·        Whipped Cream

·        Sorbitan Monostearate, Artificial Flavor, Carrageenan, Mixed Tocopherols, Vitamin E

What does the Frozen Coolatta Base have in it?

·        Water

·        Coffee (Yay! They do have real coffee in this drink)

·        Coolatta Concentrate made up of sugar, coffee extract, caramel color, artificial flavor, natural flavor, and caramel color

In Short: This drink has a lot of calories to its name. If you drink 2 large cups of this a day it is well over half of your calorie intake for a day. It has more good saturated fat in it than the reformed bad fat in it (Trans fat, unsaturated fat).  It does have real coffee in it.

The most nutritious way to have this drink: Ask for a small frozen coffee drink. Have them hold the whipped cream that goes on top because it already has cream within the drink.

Enjoy your coffee for all it’s worth!

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