Thursday, April 26, 2012


Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrity drinks while you are drinking your coffee. Well, I've come up with a list of celebrities drinking their favorite coffee drink.

JERRY SPRINGER= Jerry Springer is a hometown Man of Cincinnati. He walked into the Cincinnati Starbucks and said "Hi." Then, he proceeded to order a Grande Mocha which he could tell you how refreshing it really was.

SENATOR RUSS FEINGOLD= This lovely Guy loves his Mochas.

VIN DIESEL= Love this guy for his charm and his good looks. The name of his drink is just as impressive and he says it in such a way that shows he is just ready for it... Decaf triple non-fat espresso machiatto.

WILL FERREL= He comes in and speaks to the barista in such a way that shows he is a very polite man.... unlike his screamin kids soccer video. He loves his coffee anyway he orders it.

BILL COSBY=This all time funny guy cracks a joke with his event coordinator. Then, he sends her to the nearest Starbucks to get his favorite drink of... nonfat hot no foam latte. This drink just lightens his spirit even more... (even though he does not tip).

ALLISON KELLY=This lovely lady who worked on Project Runway is sweet as can be and her drink speaks for itself... she orders a grande soy latte. She dresses amazing even when she hasn't got her coffee in yet.

ARNOLD SWARZENEGGER= Although he loves his workouts and is the all time "tough man." He still orders his Grande Nonfat Latte every now and then.... I wonder what his Miss drinks.

TIM MCGRAW= This handsome country man who has a wonderful voice is a pleasure to be around.  He loves his White Chocolate Mochas.... (Nashville)

SCOTT HAMILTON= This amazing figure ice skater. Loves his Starbucks and often times drinks it with his wife in Jackson, Tennessee.

MARY KATE AND ASHLEY OLSEN= On their good days, they often times have a cup of coffee in one hand, their hats on, and seen in pictures walking from place to place. They just can't get enough of their different coffee drinks.

LINDSEY LOHAN= She is certainly a charmer. She just absolutely adores her dad and absolutely loves to sing. Most of the time, she is seen with an iced coffee in her hand.

BRITNEY SPEARS= This celebrity is a wonder. She just loves the sound of her own voice wowing those around her. She really enjoys going shopping and just hanging out. Britney really enjoys her Starbucks and especially loathes over her green straw. I wonder if she ever bites on this straw master piece.... ... Read NileGuide Travel Blog for more...

JASON CASTRO= This man of a hunk.... loves his frappes... maybe even carmel frappes with extra cream... yum

The moral of the story is there is a lot of celebrities that just love Starbucks....


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