Friday, April 27, 2012

Mobile Coffee Shops

With it being spring and the weather is about to turn Summary, there may be nothing more refreshing than your favorite iced coffee. Dream about this for a minute.... you have your swimsuit on and your going to the beach. You take your towel, beach chairs, sunscreen, and your favorite book. You set them all down and begin to lay them out. Then, you go out for a swim and come back. You put more sunscreen on and begin to read your favorite new book. At that time, you begin to dream about your favorite iced coffee drink with maybe cream on top. You just wish that you could have packed it or that there would be a coffee shop on the beach.

Well, your days about just dreaming about this are gone. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! There is a thing called "mobile coffee shops" and it just might be coming to your beach. There has never been such great ideas on this subject and the designs are just getting brighter and more sophisticated. On there is a picture of a beautiful coffee shop that can be attached to the back of a truck. It almost looks like a hotdog bun when a person looks at it from the front. A person could easily take it on the road with them and it comes with an assortment of coffee and espresso machines. It has beautiful black stools along the outside. It is equipped with a microwave and maybe even a great ice machine. This coffee shop just screams "Take me with you" or even "buy from me." How about buying this "mobile coffee shop," hiring a barista, and laying on the beach while making the big bucks.

Have you ever gone on a bike ride only to find yourself wanting coffee and biking home or to the nearest coffee shop to get it? Well, how about taking the coffee with you. There are several new designs out in which it enables a person to do this. It may remind a person of souvenir carts or even horse and buggies except for it is bike and buggy. One design that was shown on bing images has solar panels to recharge the batteries, a place for the products along each side, choice or frappuccino or coffee machines, great space for a smoothie machine, pull out canopy, roll up vinyl banners(perfect for showing menus), a fancy bell, and much more.

If these designs don't fit you, there's always the possibility of getting a van and having your own coffee shop out the back of it. Maybe a person could even paint the van very lively.

Enjoy your coffee for all it's worth.

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