Monday, April 16, 2012

Hawaii's Coffee

Hawaii is a wonderful place with great weather, wonderful oceans surrounding it, and amazing plants. Thousands upon thousands of people travel there each year to just relax and enjoy life for a little while. Upon all of this there are some great and wonderful people that live there and are living the good life! Within Hawaii there are some great coffee shops. Yes, there is your usual Starbucks (there are over 30 Starbucks in Hawaii)and they even have some Seattle's Best Coffee shops, but there are some amazing coffee shops within Hawaii. 

Cafe Marc Aurel is one of those places. It is in Wailuku, Hawaii and it sits right on Market Street. People who travel and go there have a great time there. They absolutely love their lattes! It was established in 1999 and has had thousands of customers since then. They have a great selection of wine! 

Another one of those great coffee places that you would find in Hawaii is Fike Farms of Hawaii. It is on the top of the list when it comes to beautiful Hawaiian farms. It is a 19.5 acre farm that is in Keauhou-Mauka. It has "100% Estate Grown Kona." If one may call ahead, they give tours. Jean and George Fike are 2 lovely  people who started their farm in the year 1993 in Honaunau. In the year 1998 they moved to the the 19.5 acre location where they planted the coffee cherries from the plants on their first farm. The coffee trees are planted on an old lava flow where they start out at 1600 foot elevation and stop at 2200 foot elevation. Most days they get a cool afternoon mist that just makes the plants go "awwww." Everything that happens on this farm is done by hand. Trust me, they bag out a ton of coffee each year by hand. All of this is done by the people who love coffee maybe the most. For more information, go to 

Enjoy your coffee for all it's worth!

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