Thursday, April 5, 2012


Here is a list of cool ideas for coffee shop names or domains. Some of them might already be taken, but you could tweak it to fit your ideal names.

Coffee Shops:
Socially and Culturally Cool Me Coffee
This name symbolizes what lots of people want from a coffee shop. They want some social time. They want a new cultural experience by talking to people and are getting a cultural experience just from drinking coffee from another part of the world (but might be drinking locally grown coffee). They want the coffee to liven them up and make them feel like them self. So, put it all together and you have Socially and Culturally Cool Me Coffee

Fantasize A Little Coffee
With the beans from all around the world that someone could fantasize about those different places with; this is sure to be a fantasizing experience. Maybe this person could snatch this name and make a million out of it. So, be sure to remember: Fantasize A Little Coffee.

Healthy Cup of Joe
There are so many benefits to drinking coffee. It certainly is just that: Healthy.  To learn about the health benefits scroll a little down this blog to find "Is Coffee Healthy?" This name would be great attached to a coffee shop within a gym. Get yourself in tune with your health using: Healthy Cup of Joe.

Joyful Tunes Coffee
Lots of coffee shops have karaoke, playful tunes in the background, and people who are always on their newest gadget that plays their favorite tunes. So, with all of this going on why not call it:  
Joyful Tunes Coffee.

Children's Place Cafe Latte
Our own children are so hard to get away from in order just to get our cup of cafe latte. Therefore, we must come up with different ideas in order to get  them to help us enjoy this part of our day. How about a coffee shop that has a matted play area for children, back in the corner, that they would enjoy. A place that has toys to play with, huge couches that the children could easily disappear in, and maybe even children's computers.It could even be equipped with a couple staff members who love children.  Wouldn't this be a great place for parents to slip away and not have to worry about their children in? Well, be sure to remember this name when you are planting this coffee shop: Children's Place Cafe Latte. 

Domain names: (a list of domain name ideas that could really make a spark!)

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