Friday, June 1, 2012


Keurig is the latest gadget when it comes to coffee these days. This little machine can make a cup of coffee within seconds without having to brew it for several minutes before that. It can make a small cup, coffee mug, or a larger mug full of coffee. This is the perfect little machine for those who love having their coffee already made when they wake up in the morning. The little slip plate comes out in order to allow for easy cleaning. Although, it might not be that cost efficient when it comes to coffee made at home it just might be the greatest new gadget to add to your kitchen.

Here's a little information about the company:
Keurig is a company based out of Reading, Massachusetts. The K is representative of K-cups. This company was founded by Peter Dragone and John Sylvan. In 1993 they got support from the Vice President of Contract Manufacturing and Quality Assurance. This guys name is Dick Sweeney and he must of been an interesting character of a man because since then Peter Dragone and John Sylvan have left the company. In 2006, Keurig was purchased by Green Mountain Coffee Roaster, Inc. who makes many of the K-cups that people put into the machine. The company has grown since then.

According to Wikipedia (Keurig), in 2010 Keurig had a market prescence of 2.5 million beverages dispensing each day, 200,000 office installations, and 10-12 million brewers installed. Also, it noted that Keurig makes 6% of the coffee in offices around the United States.

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