Thursday, June 28, 2012

Green Coffee Beans

I love Dr. Oz. I have read his books, watched several of his shows, and have even managed to lose 100 pounds on his weight loss plans. In my mind he is an amazing doctor who knows a ton of information. Some of the things in his books are things that he has studied on way further down the road than any other doctor. He thinks up things and then 5 years down the road you'll hear on tv "an amazing new discovery for..." with the new study.
      Dr. Oz has done it again with the help of another co-doctor named Lindsey Duncan. He has come up with a new weight loss herbal supplement. This takes the idea of coffee for a new level. It is a green coffee bean. You will just love this. People pick a coffee bean cherry or root still wrapped up in its green covering. Then, they take the extract (around 400mg a day) by mouth with water. Within a couple days they step on the scale again and voila they have lost a couple pounds. If people keep on taking the weight loss green coffee bean they can lose up to 10 percent  or their body weight or 16 percent of their body fat by just popping it into their mouth each day and swallowing. They won't have to do anything that is different except for taking this little bean. It has shown amazing results. It especially helps women with their bloating and helps them feel fuller alot faster. It's a must that they take it in the original form because of its bitterness and because roasting the coffee beans changes the original form.
   Roasting coffee beans removes the chlorogenic acid needed for the major weight loss. The chlorogenic acid in the original bean helps burn sugar that is mainly fat. In return it also slows the release of the sugar that may be building up in the bloodstream. Putting the two together burns fat. This bean is natural and safe. It is the safest, newest supplement that there may be out on the market.

Enjoy your coffee for all it's worth!

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