Friday, March 30, 2012

Gevalia Coffee

If you have ever taken a stroll down the aisle at a Wal-Mart you were bound to see "Gevalia Coffee" at least once. It usually has a yellow or blue writing on it. The Gevalia chocolate is wonderful. What exactly does Gevalia mean? Well, Gevalia is  a fancier word for Gavle.    Victor Theodore Engwall founded Gevalia coffee in the year 1853. The business opened up in the town of Gevle, Sweden and started importing the finest beans available to man. The business grew quickly because word that "Victor had great coffee" spread fast. Then, they officially became the coffee supplier to the Royal Court of Sweden. This coffee has a distinct taste to it that is rich and smooth.They make some great exotic teas as well. I have seen the Gevalia Coffee makers work wonderfully.

In argument of this, the Gevalia company has a bit of a language barrier when it comes to speaking English and talking to people in the United States. Therefore, if you order their coffee please use a money order instead of a paypal or debit card. Also, they are not BBB accredited; which companies overseas don't have to obtain. Except for this, they are a great company overall.

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