Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Coffee Shop Interior Design

     If you are looking for some great ideas for coffee shop interior design or to help you redesign your coffee shop you have come to the right place. Today, I am going to give you 5 ideas to help you with your interior designing. 

Number 1-Aspiring Artists and Authors

Lots of new aspiring artists and authors may come to your coffee shop. How about giving them a little treat by having a contest where you will frame 5(or however many you want) pieces of work on your wall. You could have them compete for who you see as the best one. This would give them a reason to keep on coming and submitting their work. It might fulfill them with some sense of pride. On tops of that you may get new customers who hear about those pieces of work and come to read it or to look at it while it is framed on your walls. 

Number 2-Redecorate your coffee shop with new canvases

A canvas such as a backdrop is not expensive. You can have them hanging from your wall. Then, with the coming of each season you can switch it up to look more seasonal. 

Number 3-Painting on Windows

Painting the inside of the windows has been around for years. People have painted the outside of a businesses windows. Artists have also painted the inside of the windows. When a company owner, makes the decision to paint the inside of the windows they may want to just have the artists paint the corners. Again, this could be seasonal. Such as, the artists could paint butterflies in the window corners during spring or holly wreaths in the corners before the winter holidays.  

Number 4-Communal Quarters

Here's where the furniture comes into play. Some people go to coffee shops to be with their friends and have great conversations. Make communal quarters by putting brown (the color of coffee) leather couches and chairs in a corner of the room. Then, put a nice size table where the group can put their coffee. This will create a sense of communal quarters. It is a great idea for a coffee shop interior design. You might want to create more than one corner looking like this and then have some spots for the people who are going there to independently work. 

Number 5-Picture Collage

Here is a slight new idea. How about giving your customers thumb tacks and letting them put their favorite picture up on the wall. They could put it in their own chosen place. If you are worried about the content, you could have one person who is working there look out for the pictures that are "perverted" or "bad quality" and take those pictures down by the end of the night. This is an idea that might be great for a traveling coffee shop. For if the quality is good you can keep the picture up and that person can revisit the coffee shop in order to see their picture hanging on the wall. 

There you have it!
Experiment around with it. I gave you 5 great ideas for coffee shop interior design. 

Enjoy your coffee for all it's worth!

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