Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Coffee Improves an Athlete's Endurance

Coffee has many benefits, but there is one benefit that may surprse a lot of people. This benefit is that coffee can improve an athlete's endurance and improve performance. In some sports it has even become a "controlled" substance. This means that some judges are controlling the amount of coffee that one can have before performance. The reason for this is that large amounts of this drink give such a great advantage to those athletes who are taking it in. Some of these benefits are better speed, faster agility, greater endurance, and decreasing pain. It also increases blood flow as well. It can also prevent post-exercise headaches.

Guy Leech Fitness has noted that. "For years now science has known that drinking a strong cup of coffee prior to engaging in endurance exercise performance helps improve performance. The mechanism by which this is achieved is the liberation of free fatty acids - a fuel - into the blood-stream as a consequence of elevated caffeine levels hence lowering the body's dependence on limited muscle glycogen stores. Watch any Tour rider and the last thing they seem to be guzzling before mounting their bikes is a strong cup of coffee. Coffee and cycling are pretty much synonymous - Sunday long rides traditionally seem to finish at the local coffee shop where stories are traded about daring breakaways, heroic climbs and harrowing descents completed during the recent 30km jaunt over a welcome brew(http://www.guyleechfitness.com/Food-and-Nutrition-Articles/the-humble-coffee-bean-the-endurance-athletes-saviour.html."

There is also research showing that coffee increases the general coordination of an athlete as well.
Coffee is simply amazing!

Enjoy your coffee for all it's worth!

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