Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Ethiopian Legend About Coffee

It was more than 500 years ago in the country of Ethiopia in Africa. This was when there used to be lots of goat shepherds who took very good care of their sheep. Goats were allowed to roam about eating what plants they could. The goats lavished on grass all day and ate leaves that fell from the trees at night. 
      A man named Kaldi was a very good goat shepherd he took very good care of his goats. He loved them so. He fell asleep one night and when he woke up he saw his goats eating lots of fruit off of a peculiar plant. So, he tried to get the goats to sleep by rubbing them and coaxing them down, but they just would not go to sleep. In fact the goats were full of energy. This caught him by curiosity. So, he decided to try and eat the leaves off of this plant. Shortly afterwards, he was full of excitement. 
     The next morning he ran over to the Abbot of the monastery; that was right next to his pasture. He held up the branches off of the plant and showed it to the Abbot. Then, he proceeded to tell the story of how his goats could not sleep and when he tried the plant it burst him to energy and excitement. After Kaldi told the whole story to the Abbot, the Abbot took the branches out of his hand and cooked a drink out of it. 
      The Abbot was very surprised when he took the drink and began to sip it. It was the bitterest drink he had ever tried. He was so disturbed by the bitterness he took the drink and threw it into the fire. This is when he noticed an overwhelming wonderful aroma coming from the fire. It was out of this exquisite aroma that he decided to take the "cherries" and roast them. Then, he would make a drink out of it that way. 
     After he was done with this, he tasted the drink. The drink was amazing. Soon after this, the word began to spread all across the Arabian Peninsula of this drink. This amazing drink called "Coffee." 

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Enjoy your coffee for all it's worth!

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