Monday, September 10, 2012

5 Ways That Can Help You Have Coffee In The Morning

Coffee is such a wonderful thing. It wakes you up, helps with your memory, helps with your immune system, can be warm, and can be very comforting to your whole body system. If going with a cold drink it could shock you awake as well. Some people still have a hard time finding the time for it in the morning though. Here are 5 ways that can help you have coffee in the Morning.
1. Coffee To Go
This is a wonderful morning starter coffee from Copper Mountain. All the person who is getting it ready has to do is just shake well, remove plastic top and discard, microwave for 60 seconds, let stand for 30 seconds, and then enjoy. It comes with a great sippy lid. The picture shows one of my favorites which is a Hazelnut Coffee Latte. In this can alone, there are less than 100 calories. This is definitely a quick solution to finding time for coffee in the morning.

2. Make Iced Coffee
 This idea is better suited for your afternoon, but is a great recipe for morning times also. Start with an airtight container or thermos. Put several ice cubes inside to fill it up 3/4's of the way. Put in 3 big tablespoons of instant coffee granules. Add water, close the container tightly, and shake it all up. Open it up and you have iced coffee. This is a wonderful recipe that instills that you are still getting much of the antioxidants from the coffee, but you still have time.

3. Instant Coffee
Instant coffee is one of the oldest things still happening with coffee. All you need to do is stick some coffee in a mug of boiling water and mix it together. If you would like you can mix it with one of the 100 ingredients mentioned in the previous blog. Voila! You have your own cup of coffee ready in just minutes. Pour it in a coffee to-go container and enjoy sipping it while waiting on the heavy traffic in the morning.

4. Install A Coffee Machine At Your Place of Employment
Your co-workers would love this idea and it might even help you get a couple dollars of extra change in your pocket.

Install a Coffee Machine. Set up a basket of instant coffees, coffee flavorings, and a ice container. Mark down how much each thing costs. Put out a basket to put the money in. (At some places you might have to set up a camera as well). Then, watch the magic work. Everybody gets their coffee including you and you get a couple extra dollars of change in your pocket each day. Yes!

5. Stop at Your Local Starbucks
Starbucks has a great drive thru. Many Starbucks have hired extra people to work the morning hours. Drive through the drive thru and enjoy your coffee. (Warning: this might be the most time costly of the ideas because although Starbucks has hired extra people, you still might have to sit awhile).

Enjoy your coffee for all it's worth!

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