Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How Do You Grow COFFEE?

Lots of people grow various coffees.
Lots of people grow trees.
Many enjoy the fruit from the tree,
but how can it be that coffee from grow from a tree?

Maybe you have heard that coffee grows from a tree or maybe you were wondering just how it grows. Well, today I'm am going to explain to you just how you could grow a coffee tree.

The Soil Type
Coffee grows best in a soil that can take a lot of humidity. It does not do well in a soil that has a lot of ashy texture to it, but one that is more like clay. The soil in Jamaica is really much of a clay mixture. This is the reason why coffee grows well there. The type of soil is different within the different elevations of a mountain. This is the reason why the coffee flavoring that you get at the end differs as much as the soil. Usually the more humid the soil can get and still withstand the moisture the better the flavorng of the coffee.

What part of the Coffee Plant Do You Plant?
You can buy a whole potted tree from a Greenhouse Store that is in one of the southern states of the United States. Then, you can lay clay soil down. After that, you would need to make sure the soil is rich. Thus you could plant a whole potted tree.

You can buy seedlings from a store or you can even plant the green cherry part of a coffee bean.

How do you plant coffee seedlings?
  1. First thing is coffee trees do best in a place where it has lots of room to grow and where it is hot and humid year round. They also need lots of light and air. Coffee trees just love water and soak up plenty of it. Therefore, you might want to really think about if the place that you are trying to plant the coffee tree in has a wet tropical type of climate.
  2. You could supplement the light during the winter with flourescent light bulbs and heat lamps, but please think about the air temperature around the plant and how cold it might get.
  3. So, finally, you have the perfect condition to plant your coffee tree in. Take the seedling out of it's pocket while holding as close to the roots as you can.
  4. Dig about a 1 inch deep whole in the ground.
  5. Push the seedling down into the ground and cover the roots up.
  6. Make sure you keep on checking on it and water it plenty.
  7. Feed it with nutrients once every two weeks.
  8. It takes about 4 years to grow your first coffee bean. Therefore, use your patience.
  9. Enjoy your coffee beans and the blossoms that come with it.

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