Friday, February 3, 2012

Arabica Grades

This is the grading terminology
it's not to be confused with otorhinolaryngology. 
With coffee there are different grades 
and far greater different shades.

I am the Black Bean 
the darkest that you have seen.
I have fallen from the tree
I'm insect damaged. So, I am mean.

I am the Elephant Bean
the largest that you have seen. 
I have a smooth flavour and am great to roast
Heck! I might even be great with toast.

I am the Brown Bean
with arabica, an overripeness is seen
I am over-fermented
or I might be a light brown because I'm underfemented.

I am the Yellow Bean
a slight yellowish color is seen. 
I am not very wet
if you taste me you'll think I'm overdry I bet.

I am Hull Coffee
I have the surrounding dried cherry, 
but it was taken off of me.
I am very dry. 
There is more greades than this, 
but for now bye-bye.

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