Monday, January 9, 2012


Joy of Coffee
Coffee is a wonderful drink.
It is not pink.
Coffee is brown
Just like the soil
That is down.
It is cooked with a boil
Coffee is a hot beverage
In the morning, it might help you say bon voyage.
Another word for coffee is café
But still the Spanish speakers say el café.
It is made out of a coffee bean
Coffee is warm like a mother’s milk
Or even your milk when you were just wean.
It stimulates the mind
It might help you be kind.
A cup of coffee makes someone rejoice
And helps clear your voice.
Someone might say it’s their “Cup of Joe”
While another person might drink three cups in a row.
A coffee cup is round
Just like the earth and its limits that are unbound.
It has a sweet aromatic and acidic smell to it
That just makes someone want to grab it and sit.

1 comment:

  1. Lots of countries have the same word for coffee, but it is spelled just a little differently. For example, the German say Kaffee, the Italian say caffe, and the Spanish speakers say el cafe.